September 2017

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 x86-x64 Torrent

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018


Release NAME

DATE AT 22.09.2017

The store was released on September 13, 2017

Release TYPE game



PROTECT Steam + Denvo x64

FILE N 91×250 MB

PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018 – Barcelona edition of Barcelona

Special version of version provided by „Barcelona“ and „PES“

Fans! Get specificcontent for MyClub linked to the club!

1xSpecial Agent FCB

1x FCB Legend Special Agent

$ 1,000 in my club

MyClub bonus content:

4x Starter Up Agents

1x Affiliate Club Agent

10,000 GP 10 weeks


Write or set an image

Install the game

Copy a crack


„Always shocking figures, never fired“

The game is upgraded to the latest version and includes everything



Improvement + Lost files:

PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018 – Pre-order Package „Barcelona“

Special edition for fans of Barcelona and PES Get extracontent for a club associated with my club!

1x FCB special agent

1x FCB Legend Special Agent

1000 myClubbarya

In addition, the total includes:

Affiliate Agents2x for myClub

UCL agent for the club

Usin Bolt for the Moglok Club

+ MyClub bonus bonus:

4x Starting Agents

1x Agent PartnerThe club

10,000 GP 10 weeks

PES 2018 New Features:

Master Class Dribbling Strategy, Real Touch + and a new assortment of pieces make the game unsurpassed on the next level.

Presentation of new menu updates and real player images

PESLiga joins new modes with PES Leagues, including MyClub

Addedan online collaboration model that focuses on collaboration

Random selection that suits your favorite fans coming back with new introductions and features.

MasterConsidering the competition of the league before the new competition, improving the system of transfer, presentationand work.

EnhancedVisual Reality New light, improved player and animation that cover everything from facial expressions to body movements to make the game alive.

-Faster installation

– There are many contradictions

How to install:

– install it or unpack it

– open (operating files)

– Select a place

-Click the „Install“ button

– Wait until it’s over

– Copy this crack to the game folder and install it as needed:

-Copy the updated file + disappear in the gaming system:

– Play games (English only)

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Pirates Of Caribbean: Dead Men 2017 download movie torrent

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Pirates Of Caribbean: Dead Men 2017

Tracking the fun of down-on-fate adventures Jack captain felt the wind rushing bad luck in the course of the journey, when the demon-possessed demon-possessed demonstrator Captain Salazar escaped from the Crooked Triangle Devil killing every piracy – especially Jack. The only hope for salvation lies in the legendary Poseidon trident, but to seek, he must spytatsnyazruchny Union Karina Smith, a wise and beautiful astronomer, and Henry, a young sailorstubbornly in the Royal Navy. In Die gull’s team, he was pitifully small and abused, Captain Jack was aimed not only to cancel the recent downfall of the fall but to save the real life of the most devastating and malicious adversary ever encountered.

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Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 21 full Download Torrent

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Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 21

New version

1. Simple program interface.

to use.

3. Various third-party tools are integrated with a similar tool (plugins).

4. Easy automation via the command line

5. Open and install

6. Use the main generator to create a valid series

7. Enjoy this show!

Do not forget to buy this program

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Multilingual (x86 / x64)

Latest video editing software. Your movie looks the best from any anglewith the power of PinnacleStudio 19 Ultimate eNovo multi-camera editor. View and edit the recording of up to 6 cameras and synchronize the clips automatically with Audio Sync. The simplest background sound is easier to maintain clear dialogue and narration with the new audio ducking.

With 64-bit speed, accurate editing of 4K, HD and 3D frames and wide format support, including the new XAVC decoding, DVCPRO HD decoding, andVFR and MXF support. With 2,000 effects, transitions, and titles, and NewBlue Video Essentials IV, your movies will be amazing wherever you want to share online, on a device, or on a hard drive.

New! Edit multiple cameras

New! Audio ducking balances the dialogue and background noise

New! Optimized for the Intel processor of the 6th generation

New! NewBlue premium effects

Improved! Screenshot live

4K Ultra HD, including XAVC S support

2,000 impressions, transitional models

unlimitedFrame: precise machining

Izotop Music voice cleaner

New Products at Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 19:

Several camera editor

It works with sequences from 6 cameras to create a more dynamic video. The multi-camera editor allows you to post your images, angle, cut and delete and add a transition. Align the clips automatically with Audio Sync, or use bookmarks, date / time, or manual synchronization. Use even the resultsof its multiple cameras to make an image-in-picture effect.

NewBlueBonus Track, now with Video Essentials IV

Explore endless creative possibilities with more than 800 pre-defined and more than 65 add-ons from NewBlue industry leaders. This bonus package includes tools for image stabilization, creative effects, interesting translations and much more.

Removes unwanted noise and improves the audio

IZotope Music Rede Cleaner removes unwanted sounds from your audio and video filesVideo files. Learn improved clarity audio and sound

XAVCS support for 4K and HD

Works with XAVC S, a new standard for MP4-based video cameras, and gets support for resolution up to 4K 3840 2160. It includes new XAVC decoding in this transmission.

Video support Ultra HD 4K

Produces a surprising video with support for 4K Ultra HD.

The new format supports

In line with the latest formats with new support forDVCPRO HD imports it MXF and VFR files.

Operating system:

Windows 10, Windows, Windows 7, 64-bit operating system is highly recommended

New products at Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 19

News in version:

– Contains several stability and performance corrections as well as improvements to existing features

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Blade Runner 2049 Movie Torrent Download

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Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049. Twenty-two years after the first movie opportunities, the K-officer, the new Flash Bracket for the Los Angeles Police Service, reveals a long buried secret that can revive the rest of society. to complete chaos. For his discovery, K decided to look for a former 30-year-old runner, Rick Deckard.


Subtitle: Na

Classification: NO

General publication date: 05/05/2017

Genre: Science fiction

Duration: Not available

Distributor: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Cast:Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Robin Wright, Dave Baptist

Directed by: Denis Villeneuve

Format: 2D

The discovery of a young runner discovered by long secret secrets led him to find the old runner, Rick Deckard, who disappeared for thirty years. Twenty-two years after the first film event, a new bladeholder, LAPD K K (Ryan Gosling), discovered an extraordinary funeral that has the potential to restore the rest of society. Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former LAPD runner-upfor 30 years is in search.

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Because Of Gracia 2017 HD TPB Waldo download movie torrent

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Because Of Gracia 2017

Chase calls Mark Morgan Chase chase hope that one person. But the more the conflict. However, his last year of high school, this is one of those changes. Gazari’s friend, they were astonished: and they have an understanding of the chase charisma, the emulation of the OB. And who has a story not known to them. He was moved to achieve Bobbi, and colleagues with the problem of football longe.Pugnare relationship with his boyfriend, and Bobbi lifelong kematianKeputusan, so we went to discuss the genesis of the fear of your life and alsoThe Christian faith is the acceptance of Chase. And it follows that it was a rivalry, and the grace of redemption.

To balance the married outside to play in different ways, trying to discover friendship from one transmutation to the other, to the youthful mind to bring him to the person. When we went immigrantesCicero new problems are reached after „masking“ Christians and OB Chase stand as a challenge for merekapercaya. Grcians embrace the warmth of trust and his friendsand enemies. See your world’s credit for the first time it turns out to be nice to others, there is less to be found in the ideas. Teacher of Christian virtue to fight against school freedom when you are lost. In the meantime, to reach Grciacomprehenduntur the fatal Elite elite.

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Coco 2017 pirate Movie Torrent

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Coco 2017

The cook, the name of Miguel holds the 12-year-old boy, who came from a large family in the mostly rural population, she was found of Dia de los Muertos or days of the old generation, he sent the glorified above all forever. The findings will be established forever change her life.


Title: Post

Clade: NA

General events published: 23 november2017

Genre: Animation

Duration: Not available

Dispenser: Is disn Pictures

Cast: Gael Garcia Bernal, Anthony Gonzalez, Rene Victor Benjamin Bratt

Lee Unkrich directed to

Format: 2D

Michael aspiringthe death of its unique charm of the music came up to meet Hectrom about to go on to hunt. Despite the inevitable banning the music of his friend, C. successful musical dreams become their idol Ernesto de la Cruz. A fierce temper, Miguel prove themselves on the ground after a series of mysterious beautiful ornate dead. The hunter came up to meet to enter the path of Hector, at the same time, after the way of phantasticamreserare As for the charming reputation of the history of the family of St. Michael’s.

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Internet Download Manager IDM 6 Torrent

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Internet Download Manager IDM 6

To download Torrent-free Torrent client, go to the following link;


Like us on Facebook:


Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool that lets you increase download speeds by up to 5 times, recover and plan downloads. Full Recoverability and recovery errors can result in restarting uninterrupted or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdown, or unexpected power loss. Simple graphical user interfacemaking IDM a breeze for Managers Download has an intelligent boot logic boot that has intelligent dynamic file segmentation and secure multi-part download technology to speed up downloads. Unlike other download managers and accelerators, the file download service in the dynamic Internet segment downloads files while downloading and reusing existing links without additional steps to connect and save to achieve the best acceleration.

The version adds Windows 10 compatibility, addsIDM boot loader to webmasters that can be used to download in flash movies from sites like MySpaceTV and others. It also comes with full Windows support (Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista), video capture, reprogramming and MMS support. This new version also enhances the integration of IE 11 and IE browsers, a recyclable and extended boot machine, unique integrated integration into all the latest browsers, enhanced toolbars and many other enhancements and new features.

WhatNew in Version 1

(Published December 10, 2016)

Added feature to set minimum file size to display Download video button

The fixed dialog to load upgrades in Windows 10 removes the surrounding wide border

Improved video recognition in web player

Fixed bug

How to install: (Note: Follow the installation instructions carefully to avoid errors).

1.Set idm to start;

Note: You do not need to exit / close the idm if it works.

2. Run the 32-bit patch structure;if you are using a 32-bit operating system


Run 64-bit patch if you are using a 64-bit operating system

3. Done. Enjoy making it the easiest IDM installation

To remove this patch, see the text file attached to this torrent.

Enjoy and be sure to visit our website for the latest installed / patched software.

Good luck

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Nero 2017 Platinum torrent download

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Nero 2017 Platinum

Nero 2017 Platinum Multilingual + Content Pack

Get better security for your files and folders, quick video editing and easier operation? Stop! Nero 2017 Platinum gives you the best quality you expect, All new features, dynamic technology and digital teaching to help you with your digital project.

You are very safe!

Starting enjoying the Nero 2017 Platinum getting popular with Nero QuickStart is new and dominated by the most important function in breathing. But not all: If you have a CD, DVD,at the Blu-ray disc, you can copy and burn images, videos, music and information for the use of technology. It has long-term well-being. * And if you need advanced security, the new SecurDisc offers 256-bit protection password and encryption, so what happens to your PC is in your PC!

Creating creativity with full enthusiasm!

The latest version of Nero 2017 Platinum offers various options for high quality and innovative output for your multimedia files. Upload a top video of HEVC () video on a 4K video transferand HD on your computer from mobile phones, Camera cameras and video cameras.

Let your listeners edit the up-to-date videos using 4K video tips and more than 800 effects. Send every screen from a long movie to your destination. Add a stylish, stylish, and DVD player to your favorite places, design your sleeves for your taste in the Nero CoverDesigner, and become the best for your music and videos. What’s lost? Oh is popcorn!


Bringing items that include: Make all models, including high quality HEVC (), and modify the format you want. Install Video, AVCHD * and Blu-ray Disc * and file usage for new projects. With 1 click conversion, you can send a CD sound directly to your connected device. In the process, Nero has been proven to be a simple operating mode.

Sit back and enjoy!

Open speaker, Screen settings: Using Nero MediaHome, graphics, videos and headlines,and music can be found and played faster. And by using the Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync App, it can be inserted into flash and sent to any device whether smartphoneiOS or Android, or tablet.

Dial all audio and video formats, including 4K (Ultra HD) and high quality HEVC. Because of the new Gracenote connection, it’s easy to access your mobile device with the cover of the album cover.Add your music collection to Music Recorder and save MP3 from thousandsof radio stations. Sound scary, is not it?

What’s new in Nero 2017 Platinum?

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War For The Planet Of Apes HD torrent

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War For The Planet Of Apes

In the Battle of the Ape Planet, the third chapter of a successful franchise, Cesar and his apes were forced to enter into a strong war with a group of men led by a colorial colony. After the apes suffered from anxiety, Caesar fought against the religion of darkness and began to seek himself for his own story to answer his voice. When the trip brought them face-to-face, Caesar and Colonel faced a battle in Epic that would determine the fate of its future and future planet.

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