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Avast! – Antivirus software can detect viruses on your hard drive, in your memory, startup sectors, etc. You can search for viruses in emails, embedded lock scripts. The virus database is updated several times a day and can be downloaded online. Avast! It has an intuitive interface that supports the skins.

Main features of avast!

The blocking of viruses and spyware

This allows you to get the help of a person experiencing to getfriend

Safe banking and commercial transactions

Safe Run or dubious program

Hacker attacks are blocked

Protection of personal data

Spam blocking is blocked

Phishing attacks are blocked

The most important components of Avast! Premier:

Antivirus engine Viruses and spyware are blocked.

Very useful Allows your friend to help you with computer problems.

SafeZone. It offers bank security and online purchases (for example, wind).

Sandbox. ProvideSafe environment in the environment (on your PC) to view web pages and programs.

Software update Provides automatic software updates.

AccessAnywhere. Provides access to your remote PC.

Advantages of Avast! antivirusPremier:

Trust in our best protection. avast! Premier is superior to our global Internet security solution and includes a new data shredder to eliminate sensitive data from your hard drive without the ability to recover. the function for Remote Assistancewhich allows users‘ requests to automatically connect to family friends / devices; as well as a new software update feature that will no longer make use of the update of the executables that you use and / or need to fix the security.

You should not worry about unmarked or outdated applications. Features just for avast! With the Premier-Automated version of our new Updater Software Updater, you can get the latest downloads Download and DownloadPatches that protect you against known security risks.

At your disposal. In the work did a fileline stay at home? AccessAnywhere on avast! Premier offers an external connection to your PC.

Do not leave traces on your hard disk. To sell or deliver your old PC, this is the best way to avoid leaking confidential data. Normally, the data is not deleted altogether, only referrals are deleted. Our data crusher avast. Premier removes filespermanently, so that the hardware or software can not be restored. This can happen in three ways: unwanted overwhelmingly, Gutmann’s DoDat method.

Search for websites and chat with your friends with no worries. Sandbox allows you to view and execute suspected programs in the virtual web page environment (outside of your PC). Our web screen, as well as screens to protect instant messaging and P2P, offers security for social networks (for example, Facebook or Twitter), dating sites,chat rooms on the internet (for example, a Skype or an ICQ), as well as peer-to-peer sites to share files.

Benefit from real-time security. The transfer of hybrid cloud technology updates the real-time virus database on your PC, as well as your software’s progress. Get virus definitions as soon as it is known in our virus lab.

Find out what you can expect before you click on a mouse. Our function in the FileRep cloud keeps data on the reputation of millionsof files so that they give you the reputation to notify the file.

Manage avast! on all your devices. Your AVAST account is your personal folder and contains all your data to work with avast. for all desktop and mobile devices. In addition, we prepare a security report every month that provides a brief description of the most important information (for example, locked blocked sites).

Get help from an experienced user on your network. With our remote help,can remotely with your family or friends connect to the computer. This process uses AVAST servers in firewalls and can be terminated by a party at any time.

Revision to version 2017 Avast:

Someone has the simplicity of the eye. Only one click of our program analyzes your PC system for security and performance problems with passwords and data from the home network.

Play Now without interruption. The new game mode automatically deactivates all Windows system notificationsand software publications of Avasteliminating the highest computer computer for unlimited fun in the game process.

Do not run behavior We only check the malicious code application. Now we also check their behavior for any suspicious activity.

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