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Call of Duty® WWII

Call for Duty: It will be the role of a young American infantryman living in the worst fight in the Second World War. During the Second World War, Call of Duty will restore its roots. Other characters are not soldiers, resistance fighters or even civilians.

War back

The Call of Duty series always has a certain level of detail and precision. Call of Duty: The Second World War is no exception. Unlike many shooters, the game is not regenerativeda. If you’ve been injured, you will find your doctor and you will join him, probably the cost of progress. In addition, the ammo does not play other shooters, so it has a lot of projects. In addition to a single player campaign, the game also has battles, such as asymmetric story missions and co-operatives. You have been forced into a cooperative game. With your friends, computer-controlled opponents always have a Nazi zombie. The classic Totalgarai is a turning point, a well-known scientific gameas a new marketplace.

Hit the beach

Call for Duty: Depending on the Second World War, you can expect a lot of soccer players, the title of the players that have a realistic shooter. Something like that happens. If so, check it out.

Second segment of Infinity Ward, First World War II Call of Duty 2 shooter classics. It is an exciting battle, fighting for the defense of Moscow more and moreEl Alamein D-Day Stalingrad. Realistic war and great selection of World War IIThanks, it combines quick fighting tricks. Most of the missions are on foot, but there are some struggles with deposition.

The enemy with lines

Calling Duty 2 is a terrible shooter, with fans of the genre with many hypotheses, including mechanical and mechanical. Unexpectedly, it will play a realistic atmosphere, and the assistants provide a dramatic and helpful context. Second World Warfare The world is known, although there are definite access to species, there are several missions. Struggling FightThey are desperately fighting for the defense against serious challenges.

On the back

If you are a fan of the first artillery genre, classical cowardice is not worth it. Some graphics are a little obsolete, but the fighting mechanics are still very enjoyable. The game has several games, although it is not a classic online community game.

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