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Chess Titans

Chess Titans, one of the most popular chess games of Windows XP, Vista, have not been available to download on Windows 8 until now.

Virtual chess fans have managed to make an unofficial version of Chess Titans for Vin 8. You can finally return to this classic for free!

Titansthey have not changed

The Windows 8Chess Titans version is a classic adaptation. You support 3D chess version. The rules are intact: pavns are sacrificed to the epicenter of the table, the knights moving to the „L“ sample and the king is upset.

Are you a chess player? Chess Titans are very focused on helping new onespeople. At any time you will know the movement that is available with every piece. You also have many levels of difficulty.

Do you think the Titans chess will be bored? You can optionally and freely download other classic Windows games such as Solitario, Mina Fisherman or Srce. All are customVindovs8.

Chess is good for you

Chess Titans is a beautiful chess version thanks to 3D graphics. The camera mimics what you would see if you are in the real game. Pieces and plates have true design and proportions. You can also play with pieces of porcelain and wood. Controls also create realthe experience of the board, you have to drag every piece to your new square and have different configurations for it.

Second chance

Chess titans are still a pleasure, even though they have been in for many years since launch. Many realized the great moments that had happened when it disappeared from the latestversion of Windows. Fortunately, the destination offers you another chance.

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