Her Love Boils Bathwater JFF 2017 Torrent

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Her Love Boils Bathwater JFF 2017

Her Love Builds Bathing Water (JFF) Having diagnosed terminal cancer, a frog, a beloved, but strict mother, is determined to take a divorced family with her. In addition to persuading her husband to re-open the indoor bath, she also plans to make herDaughters are more independent, while some longtime family secrets will pave the way.

Language: Japanese

Translations: ENGLISH

Format: P13

General Issue date: September 7, 2017

Genre: drama

Duration: 2 hours5 Protocol

Distributor: Organizer of the Film Festival

Cast: Ria Miyazawa,Hannah Sugisaki, Joe Odagiri, Aoi Ito

Directed by: Rota Nakano

Format: 2D

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