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Apple’s iCloud online storage service Windows.

And the idea to synchronize data

On the Windows iCloud, iOS users can more easily store e-mails, contacts and calendars to the Apple devices and PC.

synchronousthe program offers optionsvestri bookmarks in Internet Explorer, Opera and Google Chrome (Windows) and Safari bookmarks in iOS and the Mac.

iCloud will upload the photos automatically and retrieve them directly from your computer. A similar situation existsanother way, each time the images are added to the iCloud map photos (available in the file browser after installing iCloud), automatically synchronized with all Apple devices.

Finally, it is not worth mentioning that there are several options available for sharing photos and videos of the others. Some can then add their own photos, videos and comments.

Integration with Windows Explorer

Of course, that is iCloud: you must at leasthave one mobile device that Apple and Apple have. The majority of the software is very easy on the porch that the user has to do, is choosing what they want to synchronize with the content or not.

then, unless you want to change the synchronization options that are integrated in the Windows Explorer that was received via iCloud two folders (images iCloud and iCloud Drive) delicacies available in the menu. ICloud only to upload files to drag and drop, or copyand these folders.

It is convenient to have access to your data wherever you are

has been given to you to be restored iCloud synchronization The device is very useful in many ways. Goneto manages a piece of his own cake, and integration with Windows rimorDocumenta makes it a whole lot easier.

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