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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Single

Medal of Honor attacks allies – this is not the first game in the series of coins „honor“, but it is the last-person shooter that is not only exciting but also stimulating the horror and heroism of the Second World War. D-Day landing cognition, movie inspiration Saving Private Ryan is a classic genre today. In a series of sequels and a spell.

Making an exciting battle

Medal of Honor: soyuznykNapad followingMilitary childRanger through many dangers during the Second World War. Despite the fact that this game is best known for his fight order, most of his mission – a rateshuterni more traditional. Mission variety and fun, while the average December Omaha Beach set piece is undoubtedly the most memorable. For franchise fans „Medal of Honor“ cameos or a reference to the main charactersIn other games in the series.

Classic is a noble person

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