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Microsoft Security Essentials

Operating systems, browsers, Microsoft racks are included, except for security applications. To date, there has been a release of Microsoft Securiti Essentials.

A few months later, during the trial period, Microsoft launched its latest version of its security software,Even though I have to say that Microsoft Essentials does not change significantly in the final version. It also has a simple and intuitive card interface with four main areas where users can view the security situation of the system,Update the device and spyware, check the history of the previous detection list, and set the settings program respectively.

Microsoft Securiti Essentials consists of three types of scanning – fast, complete or adaptable. It can be planned to run at a certain time or in a location and can be changed when the computer is not being used.Accordingly,Microsoft Securiti Essentials updates its database automatically and fully integrated into Windows Live Explorer and Windows Firewall. It also has a point loan system, if you want to cancel too much usage.

Microsoft Securiti Essentials is first attempted byMicrosoft to create an independent security application for home use. Due to the ease and convenience of the beginner, this may not be the best choice for advanced users or professional network administrators,But for a general user, it covers all databases. However, please keep in mind that Microsoft SecuritiEssentials do not reverse the files – remove them only if they are infected.

Microsoft Securiti Essentials is familiar with yourself, the safest in your home, the hardest part of the computer at home.

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