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Screencast O Matic 2

video lessons here, but does not create them easily. Fortunately, O-Matic screenshot-simplifies the process by each user to capture high quality video.

Lights, Camera, Action

O-Matic screenshot-screen capture your PC and export results directly to YouTube-realization uneu stored on your computer. The video quality is more than acceptable derived, and emphasizes rhythm and mouse buttons, such as training programs.

An interesting feature is that you will not find in free appsOther free, usable istovremenosnimi camera. By the same token, there eichBydd reactions and explanations are easier to understand than you would your own voice.


Although other software with very powerful, they are also very slow to use the Great. That does not happen with „screenshot-i-matic.“ Since it will only need a few seconds to open the program to start recording.

rhaglenei that is very easy to use. First, you select an area of ​​the screen you want to capture, and whethersteuključuju camera or not. Then, start shooting. In the end, you can see their creations and decide what to do with it.

Ideal for users who do not require a lot

All in all, if you do not expect your video recording program previšesa computer screen, O-Matic is a screenshot-chudovimVariant you. A video editing functions or zoom as well as all other programs, more complex, but it is quick, cheap and watermark, he adds, is barely noticeable.

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