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Shadow Fight 2

Fighting Shadow 2 is a fighting game that lets you fight directly with opponents. The game feels like the highlight of Street Fighter and the in-app purchases we expect from today’s games for free.

Decrease your speed

Fighting or breaking the fighting game with Shadow Fighting2 „has an anti-dependency system The first thing you will see is that the fight is so slow compared to the fighting games like Tekken and Mortal Kombat.

The fastest speed is not bad, but you have to set the way you play. Watch your enemies carefully and plan your plans. The buttonMashing does not work well in Shadow War 2.

Forget the story of the game. Developers are trying to unite as an example story, but it does not matter. You have a fight game.

Each battle gives you a reward for money by winning the enemy and getting extra coins combining long combosand fighting fashion. You can use these coins to buy new weapons, weapons and other gaming elements. It exists in the payment currency you will need to open specific items.

Waiting. Fighting. Wait longer.

Success Shadow 2 has easy settings: just two-button instructions- kick and kick. Mix the two buttons with different walking instructions to create a new step.

The main problem with Shadow 2 is the energy that separates you every time you fight. You can expect the accountants to make themselves or paymoney to do so.

This means fighting with the best Shadow 2 It takes several rounds for a quick trip. This is not going to be something to play at night either. Although most games do, it does not prevent you from listening to quick money when you have purchased the app in the game.


Fightingagainst shadow 2 costs one shot if you want to fight easily to waste minutes from time to time. However, the gameplay does not force me to hold on to more.

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