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The Star 2017

A little donkey, but the brave and her friends are animals that are not the first Christmas party heroes. In the „Photo of the Star“ Sony Photos Animation, but the brave donkey named Bo wants to live out of grinding every day in the village mill. Once you gain the courage to avoid freedom and, eventually, go to the adventure of your dreams. On his way, he cooperated with Ruth, a loving sheep, who lost her pack, and Dave, a dove with great expectations. With three blocksThe camel and solid eccentric animal, Bo and his next friends follow the stars and become random heroes in the bigger story told – about the first Christmas.

The fabric tells the true story about how lost dog, Pluto, comes from anywhere and works for Davis’s family, who strives to compete. In short, Pluto can save a miracle baby, bring comfort and friendship to a 9-year-old boy, help restore the marriage and restore the relationshipbetween father and child. Pluto is not just a guard guy. Sometimes help comes from a very wonderful place. Sometimes our prayers get the answers in a wonderful way. Sometimes one dog can change everything.

Square. Following the abolition of Swedish rule, the Stockholm Palace is now a museum museum. Dear Christian, Christian, is a faithful father of two men who support good works. The square, his next show in the museum, welcomes the past-for feeling,reminding commitment. However, not everyone can live up to their moral standards, because of ignoring his mobile robbery brought a Christian into shame. He is also cast into the crisis with the museum, while the PR organization focuses on unpredictable squares campaign.

Language: English / Swedish / Danish

Subtitles: English

Note: NO

General release date: November 23, 2017

Type: Drama

Duration: 2 hours 24 minutes

Distributors: GSC movies

Beat: Claes Bang, Elizabeth Moss,Dominic West, Terry Notary

Directed by: Rubenstlund

Do: 2D

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