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Vazante 2017

Brazil 1821. A rich shepherd livestock knows that his wife died of contraction. Forced to live on plantations with many African slaves, he married his wife’s niece. But he returned and left his wife alone with the slaves. Diamantina Mountains, Brazil, 1821. A slave trader, ANTONIO, returned to the decadent but impressive farmhouse inherited to find his wife had died giving birth to a child. In society, crazy mother-in-law andmany slaves, he was confined to this desolate plantation and married his deceased wife’s wife, BEATRIZ, a 12-year-old boy. An uncomfortable soul, he returns to his trade expedition and leaves his guardian. The solitude of the big house in the rough landscape reflects the inhabitants. Everyone was driven from their homes and forced to live side by side. The loss of violence and prejudice that still haunts Brazil today is accelerating the inevitable tragedy, which in turn announces change.

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